The Candi Factory Coupon Code: 40% Off

The Candi Factory Coupon Code: 40% Off

The Candi Factory is moving, and rather than move all those underwear they prefer to sell them off! Enjoy 40% off your entire order of funky underwear for boys and girls.

I am wearing a pair of Candi Factory underwear right now. They are just so extremely comfortable! I have several pairs in my drawer and am proud to support a Canadian company. I totally love the Rainshower design they have right now! Regularly $20 with 40% off you will only pay $12!

  • Discount: 40% Off
  • Coupon Code: 40
  • Expiry: 21st, May 2012

I just found out that this company doesn't only make underwear! They also make clothing and pyjamas. If you are a size Large be sure to check out their pyjama section which seems to be all sold out except for Larges. They pyjama sets are all already on sale from $68 down to $30!

Shipping is like super cheap too. I priced out shipping for 1 pair of underwear and a set of pyjamas: the result was $3 shipping! Totally awesome deal: especially on those pyjamas/yoga wear.

It is pretty rare that the Candi Factory has coupon codes - the last Candi Factory Coupon Code was back around Boxing Day.


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