The Best Potty Training Seat Ever @ Home Depot

The Best Potty Training Seat Ever @ Home Depot

I am a veteran of potty training. So you can trust me on this. The Bemis Next Step toilet seat is simply the best toilet seat for potty training. You can pick it up at Home Depot for $55.98.

This toilet seat works for both children and adults. Toddlers are happy to use the child-size seat without fear of falling in and I am happy to not clean up the mess made with a separate potty seat. The adult seat includes a soft close feature which prevents both the ring and cover from slamming on little fingers. And best of all the seat includes a special hinge to remove the seat for easy cleaning.

I am about to embark on another round of potty training adventures. Bring on the hand sanitizer, mini M&Ms for rewards, 846 pairs of pint-sized underwear and an unlimited supply of wine for me.


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    • Svens

      I bought this toilet seat when we bought our house in May, thinking it would be great. By August, one side had broken and disconnected, and by November I had to throw in the towel and throw the thing away altogether. 

      The soft close feature puts a lot of strain on the plastic prongs that keep the seat on the toilet, and they break under the pressure and are impossible to fix (trust me, I tried). 

      I loved it for the couple months where it was working, but it was ultimately a waste of money :(

      • Noahsmum

        I bought this a few years ago thinking it was the best. It's ok if your kid is around 3-4 or even younger.  It's great when you can use it for both adult and kid!!!  But I found it gets dirty easily so you need to clean it pretty quickly if you see a mess.  

        • Noahsmum

          My 18 month old thinks it's interesting too which is great.  It's not overly heavy so they can handle putting their seat down too! I still think it's a great thing!

        • Cheyenne H.

          Hmm I bought 2 seats for under $20 I don't think this is necessary