The Bay Canada: William Rast Jeans Only $63

The Bay Canada: William Rast Jeans Only $63


I was recently at a conference where I learned about the evolution of The Bay and how they strive to carry the top designers to now become a very fashionable store. I immediately thought of my William Rast jeans, which I bought from The Bay, which are my absolute favourite pair of jeans. These jeans are now on sale at The Bay for $62.96, and were $82.95.

William Rast is a collection by Justin Timberlake and one of his best friends. They strived to be edgy, yet tailored, especially with their denim. You can read his story here.

I was with Bargainmooser Krista shopping at The Bay in Winnipeg this year when I saw these jeans and she suggested they were supposed to be great. Typically, I don't like jeans because I have a bit of a stomach whereas the rest of me is mostly slim, making jeans a hard fit. I find they are usually too loose in the legs if the belly fits, or too tight in the belly if the butt fits. Well, these jeans fit me so perfectly and slim me by like 10 pounds. They do have a cropped leg, which I also love as I find they lengthen your legs. I did buy the jeans in the winter, but because I usually wore tall boots, I could still wear them in all seasons. Unlucky for me, I didn't get the $20 off that you'll be getting.

When making this purchase, you might want to get something else to get you up to $99 and qualify for free shipping. I noticed they have a ton of tops on sale, at really great prices.

You could also do your man a favour and get him some Rast jeans and I love these distressed ones, now on sale for $71.20, from $89.

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