The Bay Canada: Royal Doulton Etched Carafe $40 (Save $60)

The Bay Canada: Royal Doulton Etched Carafe $40 (Save $60)


The Bay Canada is selling this Royal Doulton Pop In For Drinks Carafe Etched Motif for 60% off the original price of $100. The carafe is on sale for only $40.

The etching is really fun: it has umbrellas, dogs, British taxis, double-decker buses, and other whimsical etchings in London style.

A carafe has multiple uses really. It can be used for all sorts of alcoholic beverages when your guest list is of the adult variety. It can also be used for lemonade or ice tea for the family or just plain water when you are trying to promote healthy beverage consumption.

When not needed for serving beverages, carafes double very well as vases. This one would do very well as it has a larger mouth so it would fit a nice size bouquet in it. The etchings at the bottom would add a bit of whimsy to the array and give it some character. I rather like household items that can serve two or more purposes.

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