Telus Half Price Tuesdays @ Cineplex

Telus Half Price Tuesdays @ Cineplex


Have you heard of Telus half price Tuesdays at Cineplex? Here's the explanation:

The TELUS ½ Price Movie Combo is a specially priced combo offer which includes a General admission ticket, Regular Popcorn and Regular Fountain Drink at approximately 50% off of the combined retail price. This offer is only available on Tuesday's and is available exclusively at all Cineplex Entertainment theatres.

I reckon Tuesdays must be a slow day for cinemas, so anything that they can do to encourage people to come in and spend money would be good for them :)


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  • WendyD
    If you redeem 1000 Scene Points on Tuesdays, instead of just getting 1 Regular admission, you can can 1 Regular admission, 1 large popcorn and 1 large drink. The concessions voucher is valid for up to 10 days after you redeem your points.
    • Wayne
      In some Cineplex Odeon theatres, at payment machines and by special request at the box office counter, you can purchase a general admission on TELUS Tuesdays without the popcorn and drink (excluding 3D and IMAX movies) for a discounted price ($6.25) (just ask for "admission only").