Tees From $15 USD @ TeeTurtle

Tees From $15 USD @ TeeTurtle

As soon as I saw the TeeTurtle website, I knew there were Tees for everyone in the family and I can see that they make great gifts. They make Tees for kids to adults and sizes are available in plus sizes as well!

TeeTurtle has a sale of 40% off the regular price of NEW stock, and 20% off on the remainder of the stock sitewide. Prices are in USD.

They offer excellent sizing charts for choosing the perfect fit. You can measure a current Tee that you own, and compare it to the chart! It's much easier than taking your own measurements. For women's sizing they offer a variety of fits as well as pictures of models with their height and weight displayed so you can see that the Tee looks like. Well played, TeeTurtle, well played. It definitely made us order a T-shirt when we knew the size we get will be just right.

I plan on buying this one, too. It's on sale for $16 USD down from $20 USD. Isn't it an awesome shirt design? This reminds me of that cat in the viral video where the cat is knocking over the water glass after her owner says, "No no, kitty." Then the cat just goes right ahead and does it. Just like this cat, below.

Next up is the 'If it Fits I sits' shirt. It's super adorable and has the whole 'cat in the box' theme going on. Every single cat owner identifies with this. This T-Shirt is on sale for $16 USD, down from $20 USD.

I'm just going to come clean and admit this right here. I'm guilty of being a button masher when I game. I could beat anyone 'back in the day' in the old school games that used a joystick and a couple of buttons, (Think arcade games like Ladybug, Popeye and DigDug.) Introduce the controller with the "D-pad, right stick, left stick, right trigger, left trigger, left bumper, right bumper and the A, B, X and Y buttons" and just call me a button masher. I've been known to beat my kids in their early days of their gaming... but I'm still looking for my thumbs.

The above pictures shirt called appropriately, Button Masher, is on sale for $15 USD down from $20 USD and this is the LAST CHANCE you will have to buy this shirt, as it would appear they won't make it again.

Make sure you read the FAQ'sfor answers to any questions as well as for entertainment. This company has a fantastic sense of humor and I appreciate that.

We just ordered a T-shirt for my daughter and the shipping was $5.45 USD for the no-tracking option. This would be sent through postal service and although you may be charged additional customs/duty fees, if your Tee is under $20 you shouldn't have to pay additional charges.

So... what's YOUR fav. Tee out of the bunch?? Tell us in the comments below!!


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