Teavana: 75% off Tea, items as Low as $2!

Teavana: 75% off Tea, items as Low as $2!


Relax with a cuppa and have it hand delivered to your home for free! Right now Teavana has up to 75% off select teas, with tea as low as $2. Use this code FALLFEVER to get free shipping with no minimum right to your door in Canada.

Here are two words you don't often see paired together in a sentence: slimful and chocolate. Add the word decadence to that and you've got this delicious sounding tea that is apparently guilt-free. Sign me up! An oolong blend tea, it has notes of toasted coconut, Hawaiian chocolate cake and pink rose petals. Imagine this warming your insides on a cool winter's day. It almost makes you want to wish for snow. Almost. At 75% off, you can get just 2oz for only $2.75. This is great if you just want to try the tea, and the price goes up from there on larger sizes. Since it is free shipping with no minimum, feel free to splurge!

Another tea at 75% off includes this very unique flavour of tomato lime cocktail. Inspired by a Bloody Mary, this tea will kick your day into gear. While this sounds seriously strange, I really want to try it as I love Ceasers and how can a Ceaser tea be bad? Besides, for only $2, I can't lose!

If you are less likely to go for the savoury flavours and are more on the sweet, check out this Sangria Punch black tea. Read through the reviews if you want tips on the best way to prepare all of these teas.

This is my first black tea and so I played safe by ordering a fruity one. I took a reviewer's advise not to over steep (3.5 minutes) and because i like an intense flavour i used 2 tsp. and added a tsp of sugar. I loved the flavour but what surprised me was the mint note as I didn't see it mentioned in the ingredients.

I don't drink tea too often but it really seems like it can be a science on how to best prepare it for optimal flavour. If you don't like the way a certain tea tastes, try to steep it less and see if that helps. I was always under the impression a longer steep time and hotter water would get me the most flavour and I was definitely wrong with this thinking.

Normally, you'd get free shipping to Canada on a $50 spend and if you plan to spend that much, use the coupon code TEA10SEP to get $10 off your order instead of the free shipping coupon. Note that all prices are in US dollars.

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  • gvader
    Thanks for the heads up!
    • joy
      When I was shopping the items show on sale. when I went to pay, it was all full price. I"ll have to contact them to find out whats happening.
      • Anna W.
        Not sure what that was about. The free shipping is expired now though! We'll be keeping our eyes out for the next free shipping promo.
        • joy
          The price worked as long as I only had 4 items in my cart, as soon as I added 5 it reverted to their "bulk" pricing. The customer service woman said to place the order and then she would adjust all the prices for me...sadly the free shipping is over so I'll just wait until its back to order...I was looking forward to trying some of those teas!!!
          • Anna W.
            Yes, the free shipping crops up about once every month or two, and we're watching for it and will blog again :)