Tall North Blend Coffee Just $1 @ Starbucks Canada!

Tall North Blend Coffee Just $1 @ Starbucks Canada!

Hey Starbucks lovers, this one's for you! Have you tried the new True North Blend at Starbucks? They have had a few sample promotions going on for this new brew, but if you loved your sample then now Starbucks Canada has an excellent offer. You can text "NORTH" to 81818 and you will receive a

If you can't text, you can request a couponhere. This offer basically gets you a half price coffee, which is really cool. I normally order a tall Blonde (snicker) and pay $2 after taxes and everything. I don't mind switching over to the True North Blend for this discount. It is actually a really nice blend.

The True North Blend is something that I would sit her and sip while typing deals for you. It is light, and easy to drink. Though I prefer the Blonde Roast for the morning since it seems to wake me up a bit better. What do you drink at Starbucks, Moosers?

This offer is set to expire on March 31st, but the details also say that there are a limited amount of coupons available. I wouldn't wait long to claim your coupon. Whatever you do, do not click "redeem" before you plan on actually purchasing your coffee or the coupon will become void.

(Expiry: 31st March 2016)


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  • teetraa

    I had a hard time redeeming this coupon today! The baristas weren't able to get the code to work. They weren't aware of any promotions on the True North Blend :(!