Baby Ducks Coffee Just Like Mom's!

Baby Ducks Coffee Just Like Mom's!

Now that the older kids are at school you deserve a break after the chaotic summer holidays, to go grab a Starbucks.

Every parent's head will turn when you saunter in to grab a Starbucks drink while your toddler is holding their Gamago Rise 'n Shine 'Baby Ducks Coffee' sippy cup filled with milk, drinking it bottoms up style.

Yup. The toddlers will drink with that cup how we only WISH we could drink with our own Starbucks cups when out in public. Starbucks should have a new slogan. "Drink it like no one is watching."

I always get a venti decaf non-fat quad iced caramel macchiato when I'm at Starbucks. It's a 14 - 15 syllable drink (depending on how you say caramel. I tend to enunciate it with only 2 syllables) but it's well worth it!

You can purchase this sweet Gamago Rise and Shine sippy cup for babies/toddlers at Westcoast Kids, for $9.50. If you spend over $49, shipping is free but otherwise, I noted in my case I would have to pay around $11 for shipping. I think it's worth it to top up your order to over $49 with items you'll use anyway, to receive free shipping. Westcoast kids is fabulous, they have a lot of unique products!


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