Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Now $36 @

Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper Now $36 @

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Attention all new mommies and mommy-to-be's! The Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper is currently on sale for 40% off at Which means you will pay just $35.87 including shipping for this fabulous item. This may be the perfect solution for those that want their baby in bed with them, but don't want the risks that accompany that aspect of parenting. Moosers, would you use this?

If you were thinking of co-sleeping, would this be something that you use? If you are against co-sleeping, would this nifty item change your mind? I personally had a bassinet in my bedroom for my son when he was newborn. It was a lot easier to get up and check on him when he was fussing. It was also a lot easier for my to fall back asleep since I didn't have to get up and run down the hall.

This Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper would make life even easier I would think. Baby can be right between you and hubby without any concern of rolling onto the little one, or the little one rolling out of bed. For just $35.87 this would also make a nifty little travel-crib for visiting your in-laws and such too.

You will also get free shipping from since this item is over $25. While Toy R Us does have this item for the same price, you would be paying an additional $12 or more for shipping and handling. If this item is the way you want to go, then Amazon is your best bet.

Moosers, would you use this?

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  • Saron
    I used this. Wasn't comfortable in bed because it's too high - You have to fully sit up to pick up the newborn. However it's great for keeping at other places in the house, and folds up very small for travel. $36 is a great price for it!
    • Brooke W.
      Hi Saron! That does make sense! Does it fold down at all? I thought I saw some images of the sides being able to fold down.