Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me Baby Sign $13.99 @ Amazon Canada

Prevents people from passing on illness to your bundle of joy!
Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me Baby Sign $13.99 @ Amazon Canada

Having a new baby can be nerve-racking. Germs and bacteria can be so harmful to little ones, and some people don't care a jot if they're coughing all over the place - they will still touch your precious baby. How do you put your foot down to prevent it? Get a "Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me" sign from Amazon for just $13.99.

Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me Baby Sign

Coronavirus is all over the news, and it's pretty scary when you have a defenseless tiny bundle of joy to think of. Unfortunately, not everyone is sensible when it comes to handling babies.

Not everyone will use these signs, but for those of you that are genuinely worried about illness being passed on to baby, they are a fantastic way to get your point across. More so if you have a premature baby. .

The sign can easily be attached to a car seat. baby carrier or pushchair - anywhere that it can be seen clearly. The sign reads "Stop! No Touching! Your germs are too big for me!", so it couldn't be more clear about your feelings on the matter.

With the sign comes a strap to hang, and as it's double sided the message is on both sides.

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Reply to
  • Jodie R.


    • Kristen D.

      man this would have been so useful Jord “why do people have to touch his hands, can’t them just touch his sock feet”

      • Jodie R.

        why do they feel the need to touch period :shrug:‍♀️

        • Kristin M.

          I had one for my daughter. It helped a lot

          • Cindy S.

            Oh brother! :rolling_eyes:

            • Jaimie D.

              lol I want one

              • Linda L.


                • Nicole C.

                  Cindy Hedin Sokoloski i know right god forbid someone try to protect their child from strangers touching them just shocking :scream:

                  • Cindy S.

                    Nicole Cooper Yeah but do we really need a sign to tell people? Well maybe if we’re mute!

                    • Linda W.


                      • Brenda F.

                        People feel the need to touch as a way of sharing love from their heart at your blessing and also a sweet memory of their own children and grandchildren., It used to be that older people would roll up a dollar bill and put it into the child's fist for luck, good health and if the child held onto it , then it was to mean that they would do well in life.

                        • Brenda F.

                          oops that was meant for you regarding why people feel the need. so see the above remarks from me. lol

                          • Brittany P.

                            I love when people talk to my baby and squeeze his little toes or see if he will hold their hand. :shrug:‍♀️ he will be social and probably have a great immune system when he’s older. If he was premature or at a higher risk of illness I might think differently but I can alway wipe his little hands. Most people aren’t shoving their fingers in a babies mouth.

                            • Lisa L.

                              Anything to protect my baby!

                              • Elizabeth P.

                                My daughter made a sign for her baby CRAZY you need to, people have no sense of boundaries,

                                • Jodie R.

                                  it’s just scary anymore with all the viruses and nasty germs :disappointed:

                                  • Bernadine H.


                                    • Sally R.

                                      if we only thought about this when our kids were babies.

                                      • Alanna H.

                                        I need this. Or stop kissing my baby’s hands cuz he puts them in his mouth :confounded::confounded::confounded:

                                        • Brenda F.

                                          I agree and I would not be offended if someone put a sign on their carrier regarding germs and about touching their feet. I was just answering your question as to WHY people do it in the first place. Personally I would not go near a baby if I had a cold etc. and am always telling people to put on a mask or stay home. lol