Stonzwear Canada End of Season Sale: Up To 60% Off

Stonzwear Canada End of Season Sale: Up To 60% Off


Save 40 to 60% off Stonzwear boots, mittens and hats right now during their end of season sale.

Take a look at your mitten collection. I bet you have 20 left handed mittens and not one right hand. This is the spot I am in right now as my kids are constantly losing mittens. I held my nose as I went through the lost and found at their school, where there was actually a full and rotten lunch sitting in it. Seriously, how do you lose your lunch and lose it for long enough that it rots in lost and found? It is in lost and found, it should be easy to find! As my son calls it, the lost and fountain, was full of mittens. Not one of them was one of my kid's mittens though. So now here I sit, thinking my kids might need some new mittens instead of wearing two left handed ones and looking a little funny.

Stonz mittens are actually really cool because they are really long so they go over top of the coat and stay over it, including two toggles to keep them on, they have an extra layer for improved insulation and they have clips and blank tags to ensure you don't lose them. They were designed for our crappy Canadian winters too. They were $39.99, now $23.99 and come in both infant and youth and in a variety of colours like black.

The boots are also very cool as they can be worn right over shoes or slippers or with bare feet. They have a wide opening because toddlers like to get their feet half in the boots then scream bloody murder for help. Maybe that is just my toddler. Then, they toggle closed for a perfect fit. If you've ever taken your child to a playgroup or other outing where they need indoor shoes, you know these boots are perfect since you only need to put on the shoes once, and not have to take them off, put on the boots along with all the other gear that has you sweating over your perfectly applied makeup for the day. I love this dusty pink heart style and the boots are now only $26.39, was $43.99.

Get free shipping when you spend only $70, so pick up some boots and mitts and you are good to go.

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