Steam Powered: Race The Sun Game | Free Today Only! (EXPIRED)

Steam Powered: Race The Sun Game | Free Today Only! (EXPIRED)

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A freebie from Steam, yahoo! Grab the Race The Sun Game completely free today only. You must have a Steam Powered account to grab this freebie, and you must download it today. Once you download the game, you can play whenever you want.

This sweet little deal for all of you who like games was spotted over at Indie Game Magazine. The makers of Race The Sun are celebrating the release of a new DLC  pack (new levels!), and the release of the game on the iOS platform by letting your download the originally game for free. The download began at 10:00 am (today July 30th!) and will be available to download for 24 hours. Note that the new additional content and levels cost extra, but the basic game is free.

This game is relaxing, and the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. In this game, you are a solar craft who is playing against the sun, which is setting quickly. You must race towards the sun and keep it from setting for the day before you perish. You can pick energy boosts along the way to help you. This game will have short rounds where you are playing against your own best time and score. Included are 25 levels of fun. The soundtrack is also pretty god, with electronic but relaxing music to keep you going. You can check out one of the tunes on YouTube.

Race The Sun is being sold at PlayStation for $9.99. Over at iTunes Canada, you can now pick up this game for $5.79. Or you could just pick this up for free today.

Reviews for this game are looking positive. Some reviewers even got a little thoughtful over this simple, but fun and addicting game.

Each of us is the little spacecraft and we chase after the light of our dreams. There will be several paths for us to try out on our journey, with the shadow of our doubts slowing us down. We will inevitably crash and burn many... many times into obstacles that came out of nowhere and seem impossible. Eventually, we will beat the game.

This is a minimalistic game but sounds like it is tons of fun. Sometimes you need something simple, and from the overall reviews it sounds like this game has enough to keep you coming back. I would download this now and play later for a pick me up.

(Expiry: 31st July 2015 9:59 AM)


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