Stark Skincare Canada: Introductory Pricing Saves you 20%

Stark Skincare Canada: Introductory Pricing Saves you 20%

I am always excited about a new skincare company that is Canadian, and this company has me doubly excited because they are vegan and cruelty free. They hail out of Montreal and provide great all natural options to your skin care regime. Right now they are offering introductory pricing of 20% off individual products because they are new - and want you to try them out!

Discount is already taken off as shown.

Here is what Stark Skincare Canada has to offer:

To buy one of each for a complete routine would cost you $94 - really not bad for an entire routine. However, if you feel like getting a natural beauty routine vamp you can get the entire set for only $85, with free shipping.

About the company's products:

Using modern twists on traditional skincare regimes, Stark uses plant-derived oils, butters, clay and extracts to provide effective yet gentle solutions for city-ravaged skin. With a bounty of naturally occurring antioxidants, protective barriers, soothing botanicals and naturally exfoliating or cleansing extracts, skin not only feels and looks immediately healthier using Stark Skincare's all natural formulas, but the long-term benefits are equally remarkable.

It is all made in Montreal too.

I am just dying to try this skincare line, but my budget right now won't allow it. But mark my words, as soon as it does I will be!

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  • Rebecca
    Just purchased The Whole Shebang. I'll try to post my opinion of the products once they are delivered and I have a chance to use them. Thanks for letting us know. I'm in Montreal and had never heard of this company!