Starbucks Canada: Two Insulated Tumblers Were $28 | Now $16 & Free Shipping

Starbucks Canada: Two Insulated Tumblers Were $28 | Now $16 & Free Shipping


I'm totally going to confuse you right now ;) First of all, Starbucks has a fantastic promotion going on where if you buy two drinkware items, you'll get free shippingon your purchase. Normally, you'd have to spend a whopping $75 to get free shipping or pay $7.95 at Starbucks. Second, you can buy already reduced drinkware items like the insulated tumblers I am featuring that are regularly $13.95 and on sale for $8.95. Third, you can use the coupon code STNPWEKD to get another 10% off your order (if this is your first order at Starbucks). I added two insulated tumblers to my cart and my total came to $16.11 with free shipping!

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While people drink coffee and tea all year round, the fall and winter seem to be the time that people relish in it. I find at this time of year the Starbucks deals get hotter and people want to buy them, especially since Starbucks items make fabulous Christmas gifts for almost everyone. I mean everyone (almost) drinks some form of coffee or tea on a regular basis.

The tumblers for which I am mentioning are these acrylic mosaic tumblers. They are super cute for all your hot or cold drinks. But, there is tons of selection in the drinkware category and you can actually get two Starbucks red stacking mugs for only $10.03 and free shipping, regularly $7.95 each.

But, I chose the insulated tumblers to feature because I know people love these and you can't have too many. One of my favourites is this stainless steel clip handle tumbler in gold. It looks good and is super practical. Regularly $26.95, on sale for $18.95, if you bought two your total price would be $34.11.

Of course, you don't have to buy two of the same drinkware items. You can mix and match and still take advantage of both the coupon and the free shipping.

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