Starbucks Canada Happy Hour: Half Off Any Frappuccino

Starbucks Canada Happy Hour: Half Off Any Frappuccino

And in very exciting news, Starbucks is going to be offering half-priced Frappuccinos during happy hour, which is between 3 and 5 p.m., from May 3rd until May 12th.

As I've professed before, I am a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker, but reading all the yummy flavours Starbucks has to offer, I'm definitely reconsidering my stance. How can you go wrong with Caramel Ribbon Crunch? Tell me how, please? How about Vanilla Bean Creme? My mouth is literally watering. I can even get a Tazo Green Tea Frappuccino. Ok, now I'm going for sure.

I've heard ordering at Starbucks is an art. First you choose one of three sizes - Venti, Grande or Tall. Then you choose style - full coffee, light coffee or caffeine free (definitely my style). If you want milk you can have skim, soy, 2% or whole. Move on to the flavours, which I mentioned above. They even have sugar-free options. Next, is your add-ins, like more coffee, protein powder, strawberry fruit juice and much more. Starbucks has literally thought of everything. And now your toppings. Choose from whipped cream, cookie crumbles, mocha drizzle... well, you get the picture.

Many times I will write a post and totally consider buying the item. In this case I am seriously heading down to Starbucks tomorrow to see if I actually might like a Frappuccino, and since it is only half the price, I could technically get two. One for me and one for a friend. Or two for me.

(Expiry: 12th May 2013)


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  • Amanda
    The vanilla bean blended cream one is AMAZEBALLS. No coffee, and yeah. It tastes like ice cream.
    • Anna W.
      My fave is Caramel Cream!
    • joy
      Mocha Cookie Crumble!! YUM!! I think I will be there tomorrow, the next day, the day after that & everyday of this offer!!!
      • undigested n.
        Frapps are yummy.... Tried my first a couple weekends ago (cotton candy), then had a second a couple days later (caramel something or other). Definately addicting. Half price is a great deal, but I don't recommend get two for yourself on the same day, lol. I kow you were probably kidding. A great way to spend time with a friend on a warm day, but it's snowing outside (May third? Wtheck). Always scared to order from starbucks, though. I feel like they're judging my pronunciation of their products. How do you say grande, anyways? Looking forward to trying the mocha cookie crumble, next. Don't forget to be tip your barista :).
        • undigested n.
          Odd, but the starbucks located in my local safeway required a safeway club card. Sent a little one to get my frapp, but she couldn't guess the proper phone number (one of six possible in the household, was unfortunately listed under an old number, lol). Dissapointing, had to pay full price, but not the end of the world. Would have like to see the barista figure out a way to give her the deal (ordered two, was during correct time period). Life goes on.