Starbucks Canada: BOGO Free Sugar Cookies

Starbucks Canada: BOGO Free Sugar Cookies


Starbucks Canada has just announced a great offer they are having through their twitter account.  Head into your local Starbucks Canada and you will be able to get their summer sugar cookies on sale when you buy one, you get one free.

Starbucks sent out a tweet about this deal but they have yet to mention when it  will end, so really, it could end at any time.  It is best to head in sooner rather than later to get the deal if you are hungry!

This year, there are three different sugar cookies to choose from.  You can choose an ice cream cone shape, a flower or a soccer ball.  All of them will, of course, taste the same except for the icing on them, but it is kind of fun that you can choose based on your interests or personality.

Each Starbucks summer sugar cookie is 350 calories, so if you were to  eat them both yourself, that is a pretty big snack.  This is the perfect deal to split with a friend or coworker so you are also splitting the calories!

If there is an issue with getting your free cookie, just make sure to mention the tweet that Starbucks sent out to honour this deal. The deal was tweeted about yesterday just after lunch and they haven't updated their website to reflect the deal yet but it is for sure on and will be honoured.

Sugar cookies are by far my favourite cookies. I'll take them over chocolate chip, chocolate or really any other cookie. My kids aren't picky when it comes to cookies, so they'll love going to Starbucks and getting cookies, which is the perfect way to break up a boring summer day (and a cheap way too!)

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