Staples Canada: Mega Office Chair Sale!

Staples Canada: Mega Office Chair Sale!

If your home office chair is turning you into a hunchback, it might be time to invest in a new one! Right now, Staples Canada has some good deals on a few different chairs, with discounts of up to 50%.

As you can see, there are office chairs available from $79.96, and they go right up to $249.99.

As you are spending over $49.99 anyway, it means you get free shipping from Staples Canada.

The office chair sale ends on the 23rd of June 2009!

Right now, I really need a new chair. I’ve been using the same one for years, and the cushion under the bum is starting to wear down to a molecule thick. I’m actually sitting on a pink pillow to try and make it a bit more comfy! I am going to browse… I must get a new chair!


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