Sport Chek Canada: Minimum 30% Off Baseball Clearance

Sport Chek Canada: Minimum 30% Off Baseball Clearance

Sport Chek is having a baseball clearance with 30% off bats and gloves. Even if the season is nearing its end, stock up with what you need for next year.

While most of the kids in my neighbourhood play soccer, my family is more into baseball and golf. My kids see all the running and kicking and fighting over a ball, and say "no thank you". Baseball seems more relaxed most of the time (at least at their age group), and they do much better when it doesn't seem like everyone is depending on you. Anyway, I know my sons will all play baseball again next year, and that we are going to need more equipment. My husband is also into baseball and has helped coach, so he could use some equipment for himself.

The prices are already shown as discounted, so I don't know the original price, but they say it is a minimum 30% off discount.

Check out this Easton Typhoon Youth Baseball Bat, now $41.99.

These Under Armour Clean Up IV Batting Gloves are great for gripping the bat perfectly and giving support. Now $24.49.

This Louisville Valkyrie 12" Ball Glove has a secure fit and bruise guard padding. Now $69.99.

Get free shipping on orders over $99.

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