SPC Card Double Discounts Day

SPC shopping day

Insert a rousing "high five"! There's some serious savings for SPC Cardholders on 26 September 2009!

To whet your shopping appetite, here's just a few of the deals to be had:

  • Bluenotes: 20% off regular and sale prices
  • Esprit: 30% off regular and sale prices
  • Randy River: 20% off regular and sale prices
  • Tip Top Tailors: 20% off regular and sale prices
  • Urban Planet: 20% of regular and sale prices

I always wait to do my kids' back-to-school shopping until this time - it gives them time to see "what's cool" without buying all the wrong things (God forbid!) , and it saves me a lot of coin!!


  • omnomnom
    Sweeeeet! I know when I'm going shopping! And the discount's off sale prices too!
  • Joy
    I've never heard of this card. I tried looking at the website but it doesn't really give any answers to my q's. Perhaps someone can help me. Who qualifies as a student? Any age (ie public school) or just high school or college? Do most of these places listed accept the card? I've seen other programs like this and many local stores say they don't participate in the program. THANKS so much for the help!
  • Anna
    It's a pretty popular natiowide card Joy. From the list of stores participating in the double discount day, it gives you a good idea of how widespread the acceptance is. You can actually buy it online, it doesn't even require any student ID (even though it is known as the "Student" price card)
  • Joy
    Thanks Anna! It says "At participating locations". Even though there are numerous stores that are listed as part of the discount day has anyone actually been to a location and had them say they don't participate?

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