Sophie The Giraffe Now $19 @ Chapters Indigo

Sophie The Giraffe Now $19 @ Chapters Indigo

Every baby needs one. Sophie The Giraffe has taken over the infant world - and has saved you from the most terrifying of all things (teething) in several instances. Right now Sophie The Giraffe is on sale at for $23.96 down from $29.95 but if you purchased a gift card for 20% off like I mentioned here, then you will essentially only be paying $19.17.

Sophie The Giraffe was introduced in France in 1961 - and since then she has become the most popular baby toy across the entire world for young babies. My son played with his Sophie as soon as he could grasp onto things, and even occasionally still she comes out of the toy box to be part of his adventures 3 years later.

Sophie The Giraffe soothes teething pains and makes a cute squeak noise when squeezed. She is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint, so she is entirely safe for baby to gnaw away their pains. Hopefully they don't get any bright ideas when they see the giraffe at the zoo next! offers free shipping on orders over $25.


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