Sony Ebook Reader Deal: Free Ebooks Worth $25

Sony Ebook Reader Deal: Free Ebooks Worth $25


There's a decent deal available right now if you were thinking of buying a Sony ebook reader.

If you purchase one of the new Touch or Pocket edition Sony ebook readers from Sony Style online, they will send you a coupon to purchase $25 worth of ebooks from their ebook store. So once you have your reader, you could put the $25 to good use, buying up the latest romance, horror, mysteries - whatever tickles your fancy.

I know ebook readers are not very common devices (yet) but I think they will be in the future! They're really taking off, what with the kindle, and various other companies getting in on the action.

I have the older Sony ebook reader, and I love it to pieces. It goes everywhere with me, and I have used it every single day for the last 7 or 8 months. The new touch edition with the bigger screen looks really good, but I don't think I will be upgrading just yet.

Deal ends 30th November 2009.


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