Sony Canada: Save $60 on Noise Canceling Earbuds (Pay $100)

Sony Canada: Save $60 on Noise Canceling Earbuds (Pay $100)

On a noisy plane? Loud co-workers? Just need something to block out the screaming kids? Sony's got you covered!

These headphones are normally $159.99 but you only pay $99.99. Save $60! Not too shabby! Shipping is FREE!

There are always times when it's just too loud. My solution, because I'm kinda dumb and don't have noise canceling headphones, is turn the volume up. This is not a good idea. There is a reason your mom always told you to turn down that music. It was because she wasn't cool enough to understand your music. Also, because she knew you were gonna kill your ears.

So instead of disobeying your mom (you ought to be ashamed of yourself!) how about picking up some noise canceling headphones. These earbuds will block out over 98% of the ambient noise in your house, office, airplane or mall. Now it won't block out the stewardess who is, unaccountably, standing six inches from you screaming in your ear but for that there is an in line control so you can turn the volume up. Just for a little bit, though. Right mom? Right. I've had Sony headphones before and they have always been great. I don't buy good headphones anymore though because I break them. I'm just terrible. But if you can own nice stuff without destroying it, you should definitely pick this up.

What's your favourite Sony product? Is it a CD released through Sony Music or how about a Sony Movie? A TV? PlayStation? Walkman? Let me know in the comments below!

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