Sony Canada: Save $20 On 6" Sony Touchscreen eReader ($80)

Sony Canada: Save $20 On 6" Sony Touchscreen eReader ($80)

Read all your books in the most convenient way possible with en eReader, in Black or Red, from Sony!

I know all the purists are gonna jump all over me when they read this article but that's okay, I invite them to tell me why I'm wrong in the comments below. I think books are inconvenient. No, that's not right, I know books are inconvenient. They are often bigger and heavier than e-Books; If you're reading more than one book at a time, you have to carry both of them around with you. If you finish the one you're reading and have no other books to read, you need to go to the book store. You need to dog-ear your pages or hope that your bookmark stays in place to mark where you left off. Paper books require you to cut down trees for paper. And yes, you can recycle books, but recycling isn't a one-for-one process and requires a lot of power to do. If you have vision problems (like me), it can be tough to read paper books, depending on the font size.

e-Readers, on the other hand, are small and light. They can carry hundreds and thousands of books. Most of them (this one from Sony included) can access a book store right from the device via WiFi. They keep track of where you stopped and let you place virtual bookmarks to keep track of certain pages. They consume very little power and do not use up any paper. The fonts are fully adjustable and the only thing yo have to give up for all this is the "feel" of a book. Oh, and the books are often cheaper. So there's that.

I think it's funny that, oftentimes, the people who are totally against e-Books and e-Readers also stream movies, download music and use digital cameras to load up digital photo albums. They shop online and use email and text messages. I've never quite grasped how the "feel" of a book is important, but the feel of a photograph taken with film, the sound of music on a record/tape/CD and the look of a cassette tape/DVD/BD aren't. What about the feel of putting pen to paper and mailing a letter or talking on the phone? Or even going to talk to someone face to face? How about going to a store to touch the clothes or appliance you are going to buy?

Well, if you're ready to get rid of the "feel" or wasting money, taking up space and cutting down trees, take a look at the six inch, touch screen, WiFi-enabled Sony eReader for only $79.99. It was $99.99, but you're saving $20.

Both item's are back-orderable and should be in stock on the 24th. Shipping is free!

What do you think about the whole digital vs. physical media thing? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 26th July 2013)


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