Solutions Canada Printable Coupon: 20% Off One Regular Priced Item

Solutions Canada Printable Coupon: 20% Off One Regular Priced Item


If Spring cleaning is in your future, you might need some organizational tools to help. Solutions really is the solution, with seriously everything you could ever need to organize your home, office, car, whatever you have that needs organizing. Before you go there though, take a minute and print off their coupon for 20% off one regular priced item. Nothing there is what I'd call cheap, so this coupon will help take the sting out of the fantastic purchase you are going to make.

For me, my closets and drawers are out of control. I am very proud of myself as recently I went on a purge spree and got rid of 4 garbage bags of clothing from our house. Even still, my drawers and closets overflow and I have bins and bins of clothes in my basement that don't fit, for both me and my kids. The worst drawer by far is my underwear drawer, which I can never find underwear in! Ironic isn't it? Solutions has bamboo boxes and drawer dividers that would more than help me sort the underwear from the socks, bras, camisoles and whatever else is lurking in that drawer.

These tie and belt hangers would be perfect, not for my ties and belts, because I don't have those, but for all of the scarves I have. You really could use it for storing jewellery (or you can try my DIY ideas first).

While you are more than welcome to shop online at Solutions, the coupon is only valid in-store - total bummer. You also have to purchase an item worth more than $10, which shouldn't be difficult. Only one coupon per day allowed.

Printable coupons are our thing! Solutions has a special spot in our forum for all their printable coupons.

(Expiry: 16th March 2014)


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