Try Sobrii Non-Alcoholic Gin for Only $16.99

Just imagine all the mocktails!
Try Sobrii Non-Alcoholic Gin for Only $16.99

I never thought I'd be the kind of person who reached for non-alcoholic drinks at a party, but people change. To any of my friends or family members reading this: no, I'm not pregnant, but I'm really happy there are more choices available for sober folks than just water. So allow me to introduce you to Sobrii 0-Gin.

As I've probably mentioned countless times before, gin is easily my favourite alcohol, and that's probably because it's so versatile. I've never tried non-alcoholic gin before, but this particular "liquor" brands itself as "Canada's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit." It's now available at and is made with ginseng and has no calories, sugars, sweeteners or artificial flavours – so how you know I can't wait to try it.

There are all kinds of reasons why somebody might choose not to drink at a specific event or ever, and I'm just really excited that more options are out there for mocktails. I was already pretty impressed when I found out that sold Seedlip products, and the fact that these are even more affordable ...

One thing I love about Sobrii is that they sell their "liquor" in different bottle sizes. While they don't offer a Texas Mickey or something that could fit in a hotel minibar just yet, you can purchase either a full-sized 750 ml bottle for $35.99 or try it out with the 200 ml one, which only costs $16.99. Obviously, certain cocktail bars and restaurants might already serve drinks made with Sobrii 0-Gin, but I haven't found any in my area yet.

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