Soak It In At Sears: Free Samples With Purchase In-Store!

From now until the 14th of June 2009, there’s a nice little freebie with purchase from Sears Canada stores which you guys might be interested in.

Here is the nitty gritty from the press release:

Toronto-based Soak Wash is available for purchase as the sole care product for delicates in all (122) Sears locations throughout Canada, offering core scents Flora, Aquae, Citrus and Scentless in 14oz and 4oz bottles.  Soak has teamed up with Triumph Lingerie in honor of the launch, offering one complimentary set of Soak Mini’s (one each of the four core scents) in a reusable pouch with every Triumph purchase at Sears.


So if you’re a fan of Triumph undies, now might be a great time to buy some new ones. You can throw out all the old grey bras and grab some nice shiny new white ones! You’ll be getting some nice Soak Wash samples thrown in for your trouble.


Soak Wash is a care product for delicate clothing and accessories. I had a look at the flavors on the Soak website. I’m not sure what scents you get in the free samples, but they have such kinds as aquae, citrus, and flora. I guess they're giving it away with Triumph lingerie as that would be the perfect use for the Soak wash.

It's nice to see a new Canadian company suceeding, and doing well all over the world! Apprently, they're expanding into Japan, Austrlia, the UK. :)


  • Melissa L.
    Hey, Anna I am not sure if the Sears in Guelph hadn't heard about this promotion or hadn't received them yet, but when I bought a bra there yesterday I did not receive samples nor did I see any signage for them. They did have the product in the department, though so maybe I was just too soon.
  • Anna
    I wonder if it was too soon? I got this info from a press release, so I'll look into it for you :)
  • Anna
    Hi Melissa A rep got in touch with me to say they pushed the start of the promo back to this Saturday. But they offered to mail you out the free samples! I'll drop you an email with the details :)
  • Melissa L.
    Thank you for that, Anna. Very much appreciated. :-)
  • Anna
    Np Melissa, I passed your details on to them, hopefully you'll see a little sample package come through your door!
  • Jacqueline (.
    Hi Melissa, We'll send you a GWP directly from our Soak office. Sorry for the confusion- we thought it was starting this week too. Hopefully our Sears flyers tomorrow (Friday) will have it all spelled out for next week! We'll see.Thanks for your patience. Jacqueline @ Soak.
  • Anna
    Very good customer service Jacqueline - nice one!

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