SnuggleBugz Canada: 20% Off Beach Gear

SnuggleBugz Canada: 20% Off Beach Gear

Get 20% off all beach gear for your little bug at SnuggleBugz Canada.

The first thing you need for beach weather is sunscreen. Kids who burn are at a greater risk for skin cancer later in life. I am always worried about chemicals in sunscreen, so I try to overdress my kids and keep them in the shade. At the beach, this is almost impossible. To compensate, I try to use the most natural sun blocking products I can find. This Green Beaver organic SPF 27 spray has natural ingredients and Green Beaver is known for its organic products. Get it for only $17.59, regularly $21.99.

I absolutely love this Baby Banz flap hat and had one very similar for my kids. It covers the neck, ears and face, which is so important as the neck is so susceptible to burning. Get it for only $13.59, regularly $16.99.

If you hate the price of swim diapers, plus how disposable they are, check out this swim diaper from Apple Cheeks, with amazing reviews. Washable and way cuter than any disposable, get them for only $15.19, regularly $18.99.

We can't forget the shades. I had Baby Banz for my babies because you can velcro them to stay on and your kid looks totally cool. Get them for only $15.99, regularly $19.99.

Shipping is free on your purchase over $40.

(Expiry: 7th April 2013)


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