Slices for Devices Is Back @ Pizza Pizza

Slices for Devices Is Back @ Pizza Pizza

Maybe you should grab a healthy lunch today, because starting tomorrow in support and celebration of Earth Month, Pizza Pizza is bring back Slices for Devices. What's this, you ask? This, my friends, is FREE pizza! And all you need to do is bring an old electronic device to the store and turn it in to be recycled. In return, they'll hand over a free slice.

You get free pizza, you do something good for the planet. Win-win!

You guys, please don't show up with an old TV set! Only small, hand held devices are accepted. Here's the list:

  • Mobile and smart phones
  • Digital cameras
  • iPods and MP3 players
  • Handheld gaming consoles (ie. Nintendo 2DS/ 3DS, Sony PlayStation Vita)

Turn any one of these electronics in and you can choose between a cheese or pepperoni slice, limited to four devices per customer. Schools and businesses can participate too, just follow the link above, fill out an application and they'll provide bins for you to fill with devices in exchange for $25 Pizza Pizza gift cards... pizza party!

This promotion runs from April 1 - 30.


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