Sippy Sure Medicine Dispensing Cup just $9!

Sippy Sure Medicine Dispensing Cup just $9!


Alright, we can all admit that getting our infants or toddlers to take their medicine is next to impossible. I have seen people do everything from pin their child down to trying to hide the medicine in a cup of water. Pfft, neither of those methods work very well folks. If you have a child that simply refuses to take their liquid Tylenol or Cough & Cold medicine, then the Sippy Sure Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup might be your new best friend. happens to have these cups for just $8.99.

wish I knew about these Sippy Sure Cups earlier. My son no longer drinks out of cups like this, but it would have been the most perfect way to disguise his medicine and avoid any conflicts. Toddlers can kick pretty hard you know! Plus, Babyrama Canada happens to have the lowest price around if you are planning on buying one. Amazon Canada's lowest price including shipping is $20.25, and that is the next best price.

So at first I thought that my son would quickly be able to tell the difference between this sippy cup and other sippy cups, which would bring us right back to the original problem. But I've actually discovered that your child can use this sippy cup as their everyday cup so they get used to it. When you want to medicate them, you just put the medicine in the smaller cup that fits inside the lid and voila. Your child will consume the medication and then it will quickly be followed by their favourite juice or water. Giving your child medicine to make them feel better doesn't have to be a negative experience anymore... *fist pump*

The cup and all of the parts are also dishwasher safe, on the top rack only. This product has excellent reviews, and I can bet that you won't be disappointed with this purchase. Here's the catch though. only offers free shipping when you spend $49. So it is probably best to get a few other items on your shopping list while you are at it. Otherwise shipping is going to cost you about the same as the cup, which still makes it the best price around. Funny how that works!

Moosers, do you need something like this?

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