Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: 20X Optimum Points Event!

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: 20X Optimum Points Event!

Some of you will be pleased to hear that Shoppers Drugs Mart Canada are holding a 20x bonus optimum points event this Saturday, the 23rd of May, 2009. Shoppers Canada have these events every so often… but they seem to be having them more frequently of late!

As you can see, the Shoppers deal is for one day only. You must spend a minimum of $50 in-store in order to be eligible for the 20x optimum points.

Here’s an idea – if you need a Wii, Wii remotes, Nintendo DSis, Nunchuks, all that sort of gaming hardware, this would be a prefect time to grab them from ShoppersDrugMart. With these type of items bulking up your order, it would be easy to get over the $50 minimum spend mark.

The usual exclusions apply, you can see the small print on the terms and conditions page… e.g. tobacoo, prescriptions, etc.


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