Salton Air Wave Health Cooker Only $190 Salton Air Wave Health Cooker Only $190


Get the Salton Air Wave health cooker for only $189.99, was $249.99 at Don't forget to use any rewards points you may have too, to bring the price down even more!

I price compared this baby and found this to be quite a good deal. Even the notorious for low prices Walmart has it for $249 and Amazon has it for $201.

So, why do you need another small appliance and how can it keep you healthy? Well, this little powerhouse can cook everything from french fries to pizza and more. Sounds totally healthy right? Well it bakes everything, but with triple cooking technology that is 30% faster than a conventional oven. Not just healthy, it saves you money on electricity. This would also make a great item for a single person or someone living without an oven, who just wants something small to cook with.

It includes a rotating drum kit, rotisserie kit with tongs, rack handle, non-stick saute/baking pan and high and low racks. There are pre-programmed digital controls that are way easy to use.

Shipping is of course free, as this is and take advantage of the new customer $15 off of $99 promotion if you are a new customer.

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