Heaven Fresh Digital Food Steamer Only $55 Heaven Fresh Digital Food Steamer Only $55


If healthy eating is on your list of to-dos, have you ever tried steaming your food? By steaming, you get maximum nutrition without fattening oils and sauces. has a wonderful deal on the Heaven Fresh Digital Food Steamer, now only $55, with a before price of $69. The best part of this deal is that their before price is actually low for what I see price comparison wise. sells this model for $89 and Amazon sells it for $69.

I have a steamer that was given to us as a wedding gift, and we bring it out any time we want to steam food. My favourite thing to steam is broccoli. I love steamed broccoli and it comes out so perfect as long as you read the instructions and follow the proper times. You can also steam almost any other food like chicken breasts, fish, asparagus, and I've even heard you can make hard boiled eggs in a steamer, which sounds just too easy.

What's great about this steamer is that there are preset program buttons for different foods, so you really can't oversteam your broccoli. It is a large size with 11.5 litres of capacity, although there are separators so that you can steam more than one food at the same time. You can steam, then throw most of it in the dishwasher, which is always a bonus. The containers all collapse down so you don't have this giant appliance to store when you are done.

If you are still on the fence, read the reviews, like this one:

This is a great way to make a wonderful, savory meal with very little mess. Put the items that take the longest to cook near the bottom and the more tender items near the top and you will have a healthy low fat meal with very little mess on no time at all.

It is easy to store and easy to clean up since the parts are dishwasher safe. This is a win win in any kitchen! provides free shipping, and be sure to use any rewards points you have accumulated if you can.

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