Get $25 Reward When You Buy The Big Boss X-Hose Get $25 Reward When You Buy The Big Boss X-Hose

When you buy the Big Boss X-Hose at, you'll get $25 in bonus rewards. If you have never bought from, you'll get $25 off your first purchase over $100 with them on sign-up. If you share your purchase online and a friend signs up, you'll earn another $25 reward. You could technically get this product almost free!

The Big Boss X-Hose is an expanding hose that will stretch to three times its size (up to 100 feet) and will not kink. This makes it very easy to store when it shrinks back to 16 feet. This hose is very lightweight and expands when the water is on and contracts when the water is off. And even though it is very lightweight (weighing only one pound) so you aren't struggling to pull a heavy hose around your garden, it is very durable, made from super strong webbing.

For only $89.99 plus your added rewards, you'll actually get two X-Hoses, so you have one for the front yard and one for the back. You could even have one for at home, one for the car, or the boat or cottage.

Shipping is free at!

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