Sensitive Skin? Wool Wonder Balls just $25 @ Amazon!

Sensitive Skin? Wool Wonder Balls just $25 @ Amazon!


Have you seen, or better yet, used these wool dryer balls? I've been looking into them ever since we had a problem with our dryer and were told that traditional dryer sheets are (apparently) really bad for us and today's HE dryers; the chemical coating on them can lead to a number of problems (not the least of which is that it can irritate young and sensitive skin). Then, of course, we had a baby and had to get rid of all that stuff for his loads and ended up with staticky baby socks and sleepers. Enter the wonder balls!

As I said, I've had my eye on various different sets of wool dryer balls but this particular set by Wooly Naturals contains 6 extra large balls handmade with 100% organic wool. (Doesn't get much more natural than that.) They've dropped to just under $25 on Amazon and have a ton of rave reviews.

Wool dryer balls aren't just safer for you and your family's clothes, they reportedly also help save energy (and, therefore, money) by cutting drying time by up to 50%. From the manufacturer:

As your laundry dries, the wool balls gently fluff, lift and evenly distributes humidity in the dryer ensuring laundry balance and efficiency leading to a quicker drying time.

You can even put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the balls prior to drying to infuse your laundry with a light scent.

To sweeten the deal just a bit more, Wooly Naturals includes a cute little storage bag and a sheep coin purse with your Amazon purchase.

Good for us, the environment and our wallets? I'm sold. And they ship for free from!

What do you think of wool dryer balls, Moosers??


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  • Mei
    I love my wool dryer balls. I've had them for years. You don't even have to take them out of the dryer. They do get noisy once you dry your load (if baby is sleeping or etc). But it won't take out the static. It's lasted me at least a good 4 years and going strong with a kiddo and a baby now too.
    • Megan B.
      I can't wait to try them. Have you ever tried the essential oil trick for a light scent? I know traditional scents are an irritant but I can't help but want my laundry to smell good!
      • Mei
        No I haven't done any essential oils since scents give me headaches in general. Plus I do cloth diapers and can't have oils in them as I'm afraid that will make the diapers repel! I'm sure a few drops will be great like lavender or lemongrass?
        • Mei
          Oh and it does help cut the drying time for sheets that tend to ball up!! As well it helps with my washable down jackets fluff up nicely!!
          • Megan B.
            That would be nice. I always end up with mystery items balled up in the corners of the fitted sheets! ;)
    • Nicole
      Love my wool dryer balls, and have given sets as gifts! I've been using them for 5+ years now and find that essential oils really don't give much of a scent (have tried lemon and lavender), but the balls are especially fantastic for fluffing things like winter coats and ski pants! Plus you can just leave them in your dryer so you'll never forget to toss them in with a load of clothes! We have a natural gas dryer and I've noticed my DIY balls do unravel in it, but these felted ones would be worth trying!
      • Megan B.
        I was thinking they would be great for washing pillows, as well; really fluff them up. I had actually just read elsewhere that people haven't had much luck with the essential oils leaving imparting a scent which is too bad!