Sennheiser Ear Bud Headphones For $10.99 @ Dell Canada!

Sennheiser Ear Bud Headphones For $10.99 @ Dell Canada!

I thought I would put up a post about these earbud headphones from Dell, as I think they are a great buy for the money. The Sennheiser MX160 ear buds are only $10.99, plus you get free shipping from Dell Canada.Earbuds

Apparently Sennheiser make excellent quality audio products. Also, I find these earbud headphones to be really comfortable. If you've never used them before, I highly recommend giving them a try. I used to get very sore ears, when I used the sets of headphones that go over your head, or the plastic ones that sit in your ear canal.

But these soft rubber buds that go in your ears are very comfortable when listening to music for extended periods of time. I also find that they keep out more of the background noise.


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