Sears Canada: Gifts With Purchase

Sears Canada: Gifts With Purchase


Sears wants to reward you for shopping and buying things you were already maybe planning on buying. Right now, when you spend $80 on Clarins products, you get your choice of one of three lifestyle collections. Also, when you spend $31 or more on Clinique, you'll get a free 7-piece bonus kit.

Both deals are sweet, because you know, free stuff is sweet.

With the Clarins deal, you have your choice of one of three kits - active, relax or elegant and those just depend on your preferences. They all include some kind of cleanser and other items for your skin. It will also depend if you want a mascara or a lip balm, a foot treatment or a body scrub.

The Clinique set has an $85 value and includes mascara, lip colour and skin care items.

This week when you shop at Sears, you'll get free shipping when you spend over $99. What would be best would be to buy over $100 in Clinique and Clarins products, get your free gifts and free shipping on top of it all.

(Expiry: 4th November 2013 - Clinique/ 23rd October 2013 - Clarins)


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