Seagate GoFlex Desk Kit 2TB External Hard Drive $110 & Free Shipping @

Seagate GoFlex Desk Kit 2TB External Hard Drive $110 & Free Shipping @

Need some extra storage for the computer? Check out this deal from, part of their Canada day sale. You can get the Seagate Freeagent GoFlex Desk 2TB system for only $109.99, with free shipping too.

When you work it out, you're only paying about $0.05 per GB - dead cheap. 2TB is a pretty big amount of space, it should be ample for home users. As I have mentioned countless times in the past, I highly recommend getting an external hard drive and making some backups of your precious photos.

I watched the little video on the Newegg page, as I was curious why this item was called a "desk kit." Basically, it's just an external hard drive, but you can actually switch out the interfaces to be compatible with different devices if you need it. It comes with a USB3 connection, but you can actually purchase an USB2 or firewire connection separately, if you need it (the average home user wouldn't need to worry about this). I did find that an interesting feature.

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  • Gary W.
    the statement "(the average home user wouldn’t need to worry about this)." is totally incorrect. very few pc's have a USB3 capability and, therefore the average home user will absolutely need to worry about this.
    • Anna W.
      Gary, I'll defend myself in saying that the statement referred to the fact that the average home user doesn't need to worry about the interchangable connectors. And USB 3 is backwards compatible with previous iterations of USB, so I stand by my point...