Savers Canada / Value Village: Get A 30% Discount In-Store!

Do you shop at either Value Village Canada or Savers stores? If so, here’s a bargain that they have just announced. You can pick up a “super savers pass” or a “value pass” in-store. Once you have this, you can collect stamps on that card. Every time you spend $5, you get a stamp. Or every time you donate clothing or household items you get another stamp.

Once you have your card filled with 15 stamps, you can use it to get yourself a whopping 30% discount in-store!

Here’s a large image of the promotion from the email if you want to read the full details:

This promo will end on the 3rd of May 2009!

Value Vaillage and Savers sometimes have excellent bargains. For example, after Halloween, their kids costumes were hot deals.


  • Anna O.
    Can you tell me if you have Savers store in Sydney Australia? I know there is one in Melbourne but I live in Sydney. I was in Canada in 2004 and I LOVED shopping at Savers:) Anna Oddestad
  • Linda S.
    I tried to print my super saver card and it did not work please let me know what to do now?
  • donna
    Do you still have Saavings Passes? If so when will the next one be?
    • Anna W.
      Hi Donna! You'd have to ask the store that, that's not us :)

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