Save up to $500 on dSLR cameras at The Source TODAY only

Save up to $500 on dSLR cameras at The Source TODAY only

Photographer? Upgrade yo' GEAR, upgrade yo' CASH!

The deals on this vary quite a bit. Some are less than $100 off, some are, as the title mentions, up to $500 off. Here is a smattering of the 26 cameras and camera bundles available.

Watch our for some of the cameras on this page. Some aren't on sale at all but they are on the sale page regardless.

So I know nothing about cameras. Ok, that's a lie. I know very, very little about cameras. The one thing I do know is that if you're really into photography then a dSLR is what you want. Honestly, with some of these prices (there are some cheaper than the ones I listed) it's just about in the price range of a high end point-and-shoot. For a few bucks more you can get yourself a dSLR. It might not be the greatest dSLR but it should be better than your point-and-shoot.

Weird fact: I prefer Nikon. Not weird on it's own but when you consider that I've literally never used a dSLR in my life and all of my knowledge is 100% theoretical, it's a little weird. I have advised people to get Nikon over Canon before just based on this off bias. I've never had a complaint from my recommendations so I guess my bias is well founded?

What kinda cameras do you guys have or want? Let me know in the comments below?

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