SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Flash Drive For Android—$20 from $50 @

SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Flash Drive For Android—$20 from $50 @

If you own a smartphone or tablet that has an OTG connection it's pretty likely that the device will be an Android phone or tablet. So for future reference when I am referring to using this Sandisk flash drive with an Android, please note that this includes all smartphones or tablets with an OTG connection.

Chances are you've tried to transfer your photos off of your Android device and onto your computer. Although Android devices can plug directly into your pc using the included USB cable for photo and file transfers, sometimes various Android devices will have issues with connecting to your pc due to driver issues, settings on the phone, etc. In this case, it becomes more complicated and time consuming.

Some tablets and phones have an sd-micro card slot - but by default sometimes pictures are set to be saved on the internal drive anyway, or, the phone or tablet doesn't have an sd-micro card slot. Both of these are scenarios (Nexus 7 tablet owners, for example!) where you will want to have one of these Sandisk OTG Flash Drives.

It's important to have an alternate route of retrieving pictures from your Android. Regular USB thumb-drive sticks don't fit an Android port, but this SanDisk Ultra 64 GB one in the link below, does. The price is a great fit too, at only $20, down from $50! You are saving 60%. Did you notice that it has a 64 GB capacity? That is a lot of photos and videos!

This product makes it very easy to copy and paste files (photos, videos, and documents) from your Android over to your pc. It's also perfect for times when you're on holidays and you run out of space on your Android. You can transfer the photo and video files over to your thumbdrive from your Android with this device, then later transfer it to your pc.

I wish they would have made this product years ago, it is a really handy device to have on hand! If you have friends who are Android owners, it makes a great gift.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, this device is not compatible with it. There is a device on the market that you can use to transfer pictures, videos, etc. off of your iPhone to a flash drive, it is called the Gigastone Photo Fast Max and we discussed it last week on Bargainmoose. (Keep in mind the sale is now over on the Gigastone Photo Fast Max, and it is back up to the regular retail price at the time of this writing.)

Shipping is free on orders over $25 at If you purchase this item only, shipping starts at around $4. It would be worth it to find a $5 item to top your order up to over $25. (Or, just purchase a couple!)

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