Save $4.99 On Kidde Home Series Fire Extinguisher (Now $19.99 @ Home Depot Canada)

Save $4.99 On Kidde Home Series Fire Extinguisher (Now $19.99 @ Home Depot Canada)

Home Depot Canada has a current sale on Kidde Home Series Fire Extinguishers for $19.99, regular price $24.99 while supplies last. Prices and availability can vary by store location.

I have done a little shopping around and could not find the same brand name of fire extinguisher on sale, but I did find a Garrison Extinguisher, at Canadian Tire for $23.99, that was the closest comparison. This Kidde one also comes with a 6 year warranty.

During my search for fire extinguishers, I also discovered this handy information page on the Kidde Home Series Fire extinguisher. This information sheet has everything you need to know about the product and seems to be one of the most commonly used in kitchens.

You may be thinking that this is odd item to have on Bargainmoose, but friends of mine recently suffered an awful tragedy. There was a small fire that started on the stove with a tiny bit of spilled grease. Unfortunately it very quickly turned into a large uncontrollable fire in the entire kitchen. No one was injured, but they have lost their home until all repairs are finished and safety approved. They were informed by their insurance company that this would be approximately 6 months, due to overload of work.

A fire extinguisher is something that they occasionally thought of purchasing, but never seemed to make the top of the list. They had recently purchased new kitchen appliances and refinished their cupboards. Grease or oil fire is a very difficult thing to extinguish. Trying to smother it with what you may have on hand in the kitchen, can result in the item you're using catching fire and using water dangerously spreads the fire. Fire does not discriminate, it really doesn't care if your kitchen is new or old, it will destroy it just the same.

I wanted to spark an awareness for the prevention of these little things by informing you of this incident and how it could have been stopped just by a small fire extinguisher and the knowledge on how to use it. There are hundreds of things on the internet to help with use of a fire extinguisher, but here is one I found that seems to have all the information needed - wikihow.

As you can see, with the above information, the savings on this fire extinguisher is far greater than $4.99.

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  • Krista W.
    Awesome deal, we actually are looking for one for our trailer for when we camp!
    • Cherie R.
      They may seem like a good deal now, but they are not rechargeable ! Extinguishers with plastic valve heads are a one use deal, after that they are garbage, they also cant be serviced by a Fire Extinguisher Technician, and they should be serviced every 6 years to ensure functionality. You are better off paying a little more for one with a metal valve head.