SampleSource Canada Now Live!

SampleSource Canada Now Live!


It is my favourite time again... SampleSource Canada is live right now! Hurry and get your samples before they run out.

If you have not yet done this, you basically fill out a quick 1 minute questionnaire and you will be sent some incredible samples and products absolutely free. I just filled out my survey and I got 7 free samples.  I got a granola bar, some hair products, some cleaning supplies and a few other goodies.

The samples you get sent to you will depend on how you answer your questions.  I have heard of people getting up to 16 samples this time around including a 6 month free digital magazine subscription!  These samples are so popular and they run out really fast.

You will be allowed one account per house so you can only fill out the questionnaire for one person per household.  They only offer this a few times a year and they always run out within the first day because it is so popular.  Once these samples run out, it will likely be months before they will offer it again.

(Expiry: While supplies last)


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