Salton Induction Cooker With Cooking Pot $90 (From $112) @

Salton Induction Cooker With Cooking Pot $90 (From $112) @

I've been hearing off and on about people using induction cook tops on a regular basis. I honestly didn't pay any attention to it because we already have a working stove-top, with four burners. I assumed that those using the induction cooker were either 1.) College or University students living in a dorm, 2.) Their real stove was broken and it was cheaper than a repair for now, or 3.) That they were getting tired of having only four burners on a stove when company visits for special occasions.

However, as I was looking through some online sales today, a portable induction cooker beckoned to me because of the description. Apparently, these cookers are FAR more efficient than any old stove top, whether it be a regular electric stove, or a natural gas stove. You can also use this indoors or outdoors! It's great for cooking an extra dish outside while you tend to the BBQ.

Did you know water boils three times faster on an induction stove top? Helloooo KD, and faster cooking times! Same for Cheemo Perogies. This is a great 'green' way to cook because it's so energy efficient; induction cookers don't lose heat in the surrounding area. This would mean that your kitchen can't even get as hot in the summer as it would with a traditional stove top! There is an LED display on this model, which ranges within eight settings, from 60C to 240C, or 140F to 465F. I like the safety feature of the automatic timer, too. It allows up to three hours, because there is an auto shut-off. One of the best features about this induction cooker is the ability to finely tune and control temperatures. How many times do you have to suddenly push or hold a pot or pan away from the element on your stove-top because it gets too hot? I am dying to try this induction cooker, I think it will be a great toy for my husband, who loves to cook. Father's Day is coming up next month... Hmm...

This Salton Induction cooker and cooking pot set is currently on sale for $90, which is 20% off. When I checked around at other retailers for the same induction cooker, the regular price on the cooker alone was $29 more. You can purchase this induction cooker on it's own for $71 at, but for an additional $19 for the set, it makes sense to get the cooking pot that is compatible with this induction cooker.

If you want to know if your current pots and pans will work with this, simply try to stick a magnet to the bottom of the pot. If it sticks, it should work. If not, no dice.

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