Salton Gravy/Sauce Warmer $19.99 @ London Drugs

Nobody likes cold gravy!
Salton Gravy/Sauce Warmer $19.99 @ London Drugs

I am one of those gals that would have gravy on every single thing I put in my mouth. Having said that, I cannot handle when it's lukewarm. Gotta be hot! Here's how to keep it perfect... get a Salton Gravy/Sauce Warmer from London Drugs for just $19.99.

Salton Gravy/Sauce Warmer

The Salton Gravy/Sauce Warmer will not just keep gravy warm for your biscuits but will also keep those silky, smooth sauces at the optimum temperature for maximum enjoyment.

Let's not forget dessert... make some sweet, white sauce or some custard and this will keep it cosy.

Comes with 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Pick up from a London Drugs store near you for FREE or opt for home delivery.


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