Saje Made a Diffuser Blend Just for Kids

Something to pick up before flu season
Saje Made a Diffuser Blend Just for Kids

Did any of you catch the bug that's been going around? I feel like I've had it for weeks now, and it's slowly starting to get a little better. But if it's just hitting your family now (or if you want to be prepared for when the next virus strikes), you might want to pick up a bottle or two of this.

Saje just released a new, kid-friendly diffuser blend that's especially made to help your little ones whenever they're not feeling the best. It's called the Fortify Petite Children's Cough & Cold Diffuser Blend, and it's can help soothe nasal congestion and those stubborn coughs that seem to linger for ages.

This specific blend is made with lavender, myrtle and tea tree, all of which have calming properties that can help your kiddo relax and (hopefully) get some sleep. It's intended for use with children who are at least two years old. Just add two or three drops to an ultrasonic diffuser, like you would for any other oil.

It's sold online and in stores for $19.95 per 10 ml bottle. There aren't any product reviews on the Saje site yet, but I'm crossing my fingers and praying this is a winner. With cold and flu season on the way, I'm prepared to try just about anything if it means I can get through the night without coughing and blowing my nose.

A bottle will ship for free as part of a $75 order, or you can sign up for their Endless Essentials re-order service to have Fortify Petite delivered every one, two or three months with no shipping fee. And if you're shopping for yourself (instead of the kids), check out their Immune Antibacterial Diffuser Blend. It can help you manage your colds and coughs by delivering eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree into the air.

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