Saje Canada: Up to 50% off Select Items

Saje Canada: Up to 50% off Select Items


Saje Canada is offering up to 35% off select items until the end of the month (when new products will be chosen) and 50% off a reed diffuser set when you spend $45 or more.

This month my acne has been in full force and it is like Saje knows that. Most of the products they have on sale right now are to address those dreaded acne issues. The zap blend for acne prone skinwas $19.95 and is on sale for $12.95. It is a roll-on antibacterial that would really help fight all the germs my fingers are constantly redepositing on my face.

While this Quick Study mental alertness mist  does not address acne, I totally could go for a bottle or two right now. I have three papers to write and then three large final exams, so anything that brings my brain back from the dead is good in my books. Originally $9.95 it is now on sale for $6.95.

Now, when you spend $45 or more you can pick up a reed diffuser set, which means you pick reeds, a vase, and a reed diffuser blend, for 50% off. The reeds run $3.95, the vase costs about $12.95, and the blends cost around $34.95 (I picked the cheapest ones). Total that up and the set would regularly cost you $51.85. However, when your cart already totals $45 then the cost of your defuser set will come down to $25.92. Mix and match to find your perfect combination.

Shipping costs will vary upon the destination and the amount and/or weight of your order. Get free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

(Expiry: 31st March 2014)


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