Ryan Twin over Double Bunk Bed $300 off @ Costco.ca

Ryan Twin over Double Bunk Bed $300 off @ Costco.ca

I've been waiting not very patiently for this to go on sale. My cousin's daughter loves coming to our house for sleepovers with my daughter and finally, we have the best solution possible to max out space in her room and easily accommodate her guest.

Costca.ca has put this Ryan Twin over Double Bunk Bed with Universal Staircase on sale for $1099.99 down from $1399.99. This includes shipping and I'll tell you something about it - it makes for a fantastic hideaway for Moms looking to read a novel. The kids may not even look for you there. (If your significant other is there to watch them, of course.) Tip: Pick the top bunk, they are far too short to even see you there. Bring some red licorice with you if you want!

I can see the quality workmanship on this and know it will last for years to come. It also converts into a separate double bed and a twin bed in case you buy for kids sharing a room now, but who later have their own rooms. The cubby shelves at the stairs and the storage drawers under the bed mean so much less room mess!

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