Royal Bank Canada: FREE iPad Mini 2 with New Bank Account ($329 Value)

Royal Bank Canada: FREE iPad Mini 2 with New Bank Account ($329 Value)


*** This promo is back dear Moosers! I updated the information below to reflect the new dates.**

Sign up for a new Royal Bank Canada all-inclusive bank account to receive a free iPad Mini 2 16GB with Wi-Fi in Silver. You will need to complete one of two transactions in order to qualify for the free iPad Mini 2. The iPad Mini 2 has a retail value of $329 (current price at Apple Canada).

This promotion is a lot like the previous RBC promotion, for $300 cash. First, you need to select one of two unlimited banking accounts.

RBC Signature No-Limit Banking - This bank account costs $14.95 per month or pay $10.95 if you have two other RBC accounts/credit cards. The account includes:

  • unlimited debits
  • 15 free Interac e-Transfers per month
  • access fees refunded when you use an ATM at another bank
  • $39 rebate on the annual fee of any eligible RBC credit card

RBC VIP Banking - This bank account costs $30 per month or pay $22.50 when you have two other accounts with Royal Bank. The account has:

  • unlimited debits
  • unlimited free Interact e-Transfers
  • access fees refunded when you use an ATM at another bank

In addition, when you apply for an RBC Royal Bank premium card, both the applicant and co-applicant fees will be refunded. You receive this benefit once. Convenient for anyone who purchases from or works for our southern friends below the boarder, you will get two additional Canadian bank accounts and one U.S. bank account with the VIP account.

There are many other features for both these accounts so check them out online.

I am disappointed that RBC does not have a minimum balance where the fee is waived. As I recommended before, go with the RBC Signature No-Limit Banking account to keep your expenses down. There is no need to pay more than you have to per month. Now, after you register for the bank account, you need to complete one of two transactions:

  1. One (1) regular payroll or pension direct deposit to your account OR
  2. Two (2) Pre-authorized payments

Once the transactions appear in your new banking account, you qualify for the iPad Mini 2. You need to complete the bank account sign up by the 18th of September 2015 and the qualifying transactions by the 19th of October 2015 to be eligible for your free iPad Mini 2.

In order to qualify, you cannot currently have an existing Personal Banking Account with Royal Bank of Canada. I suggest reading up on all the fine print you can find through the link above. I have tried to summarize the most important bits for you. While I think this is a good offer, I would probably not stick long-term with a bank account that cost me money per months.

(Expiry: 18th September 2015)


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  • Kelly
    I'm seeing that account must stay open for 30 days after qualifying and then I also see that account cannot be closed before October 19th, 2016. Does this make sense?
    • Avigayil M.
      Many banks are putting in the fine print that you need to keep your account open for a year after you first sign up. If their fine print appears contradictory, I recommend talking to a rep from RBC.
      • KaptainCanada
        Yup - it makes sesne- They want a certaibty that you keep paying for services fro a min, amout of time or they wil charge you the cost of the tablet. Where as the TD promo taht gave an 8"Tablet, jstu asked to open their everythgn free account and keep your mini, ddpst or no charge deluxe banking and then they gave you the Samsung 8"tablet with wifi. RBC copied TD Bank. But the TD Banking unlimited is Sooo00 Deluxe taht no one has yet even come CLOSE!
    • david
      I would like to know when you will have the next free promotion iPad at rbc I have some money and would like to open an account with free iPad promotion
      • Anna W.
        Hi David! We wouldn't know, we just write about those deals as and when we find them. Sorry!
      • Josiane H.
        When did the promotion for the ipad mini (the last one) start?
        • Anna W.
          We bumped this post back in August... ?
        • Prajna
          They say that iPad will be delivered to the address in 6-10 weeks after you are qualified. It has been 12 weeks, I have not yet received. I have called to their call center more than 10 times, no new information.
          • Anna W.
            All we can say is to keep asking customer service and follow up on this...
            • Trevor
              Hi Prajna, I'm still waiting too. Been 10 weeks now and when I last spoke with customer service they gave me the standard line about 6-10 weeks, and when I said it has been over 10 weeks the basically restated the exact same thing as if they were reading it line for line from the pamplet. I will wait a couple more weeks then start raising a stink.
              • bobby
                I qualified for this promo in mid September (just before deadline) and am STILL waiting. I just got off the phone with a csr and was told its going to take up to an additional 5 weeks. By the time I get it in the new year its going to be obsolete. The hoops they make you jump through and the ridiculous amount of waiting is not worth it.