Rosewill Wooden Headphones for $9.99 ($20 savings) @!

Rosewill Wooden Headphones for $9.99 ($20 savings) @!

Use this coupon code to get Rosewill Noise isolating headphones with gold plated 3.5mm connector at You need to use an offer code to get them for $9.99 and that offer code is CEMCNEJD24. If, for some odd reason, you have an aversion to using  promo codes the headphones are on sale without the code but they are $14.99.

Shipping is $4.99, so the shipping and the promo code sort of balance each other out.

So now that I've given you the sweet, sweet deal, let me give you some sweet, sweet knowledge. Now I'm going to get into some of the science that make these headphones great so if you arent into that sort of thing you can skip this paragraph and the next. So the first thing that we notice is that these headphones are made of rosewood. Now I'm no audio pro but I have read a lot of reviews on earbuds with wooden barrels and the general consensus from people who are smarter about this than I am seems to be that the wood makes for a more "natural" sound. I do know that various parts of guitars are made of different woods to get different sounds so it would follow that the same principle would apply to headphones. I've actually owned a pair of headphones similar to these and I liked them quite a lot.

The next thing we see, and we see this a lot, is the gold plated connector. A lot of people think that gold is used in audio connectors because it is a good conductor. This is true but silver and copper, both of which are cheaper than gold, are technically better conductors. The problem with silver and copper is that they corrode when exposed to oxygen. You see this in tarnished silver and copper that has turned green. That corrosion prevents proper electrical conduction and messes up your sound quality. The wire inside your headphone cord is likely copper but since it is encased in rubber or plastic, it never gets exposure to the air.

Science! Ok, so other than the nerdy stuff I just mentioned the headphones come with a storage pouch and some different sized earpieces.

(Offer Code Expires: 22nd MAY 2012)


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